• Relation ``structure-anticoagulant activity´´ using topologic indices 

    Torres Gómez, Luis Alberto; Hernández Barreto, Enoel; Machin Galarza, Laura (2016)
    The calculation methodology MODESLAB was used to modelate the anticoagulant activity of different drugs. The spectral moments of the adjacent matrix were determinated using different parameters, between the edges of the ...
  • Potent antioxidant activity of Kigelia africana flower fractions on cell-free systems 

    Hernández Barreto, Enoel; Torres Gómez, Luis A.; Ribalta Ribalta, Venancio; Armas González, Yuniesky; Ruz Sanjuan, Vivian; González Bedia, Mirtha Mayra (2017)
    The aim of this work is to explore the antioxidant properties of three organic fractions obtained from Kigelia africana flowers on several cell-free systems. The vegetal material was subject to extraction with ethanol (90%) ...

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