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dc.contributor.authorHernández Veitía, Arianna Beatriz
dc.contributor.authorAlpízar Fuentes, Dilian
dc.contributor.authorAlonso Martínez, Alexis
dc.description.abstractToday sociology in Cuba continues devoid of analysis systemically address the social interaction with gender in sport to achieve successful sports results. The research issupported from methodological convergence between the 24 surveys, nonparticipating observations for 15 days systematically schedules in the morning and afternoon, 4 semi-structured interviews, the 2-structured interviews and group dynamics through group discussion conducted with 24 athletes, as well as analysis of 5 documents that reflect the institutional environment in terms of functions and structure of the sports institution, EIDE Provincial "Hector Ruiz Perez" Santa Clara, which requested through the project "Sport and Gender "conducting research in terms of institutional factors known to be modified or strengthened for the best performance and get favorable results from youth sports Volleyball teams in the province. All of which allowed analyzing the institution must make a conscious work schedules from sports practices Volleyball youth teams to the understanding of gender and sport interconnection in order to promote cooperative relations between women and men in their sports training that benefits their personal and social growth.en_US
dc.rightsEste documento es Propiedad Patrimonial de Centro de Estudios Sobre la Juventud y se socializa en este Repositorio gracias a la política de acceso abierto del Congreso Internacional de Investigadores sobre Juventuden_US
dc.subject.otherSocial interactionen_US
dc.subject.otherInteracción Socialen_US
dc.titleInteracción social como base de la comunicación de los equiposen_US
dc.relation.conferenceCongreso Internacional de Investigadores sobre juventud, adolescencia y jóvenesen_US

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