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  • Potential changes on anammox activity after Chicxulub asteroid impact 

    Pérez Díaz, Noel; Martín González, Osmel; Cárdenas Ortiz, Rolando (Springer, 2019)
    The activity of anammox bacteria (AA) can be estimated based on the production of N2. Known the mechanism of the catabolic reaction, three differential equations are established according to the most important substrates ...
  • On the quantification of habitability: current approaches 

    Cárdenas Ortiz, Rolando; Nodarse Zulueta, Rosmery; Pérez Díaz, Noel; Avila Alonso, Daile; Martín González, Osmel (Springer, 2019)
    In this chapter, we outline general ideas to quantify habitability, starting with a general abiogenesis–biogenesis conceptual model. We connect this model with the approach of the astrobiological school of quantitative ...
  • Enlarging simple ecological models:subspecies, hidden symmetries and thei implications 

    Martín González, Osmel; Pérez Díaz, Noel; Cárdenas Ortiz, Rolando; Horvath, J.E. (Springer, 2019)
    Some basic principles to enlarge simple ecological models and the role of nonlinearities are discussed. The inclusion of internal groups and the new dynamic possibilities associated with this procedure are considered in ...
  • Geodiversity, Heritage, and Geoethics in an Archipelago 

    Rojas Consuegra, Reinaldo; Mengana, Jorge Isaac; Cárdenas Ortiz, Rolando; Nuñez Cambra, Kenya E.; Pérez Díaz, Noel; Martín González, Osmel (Springer, 2018)
    The Cuban archipelago has an extremely complex geology. In this chapter, an overview on its peculiarities is given. It is also presented a historical sketch of the Cuban geological heritage, and the current menaces to ...


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